Jack Moldave

A subsidiary of Boeing, Insitu is one of the world's leaders in high performance, low cost, unmanned aerial systems. Their ScanEagle has proved vital to operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even during the Somali Pirate hostage rescue. When I was at Insitu I split my time between two departments. I worked on the GCS (Ground Control System) and the Launch and Recovery team.



During my work for the GCS department, I worked to execute engineering change reviews, redline drawings, provide quality assurance and perform drop tests on their most recent hardware systems.

For the Launch and Recovery team, I helped certify heavy payloads for launch and recovery for ScanEagle 2, a reconnaissance drone sold to the U.S. Navy.  I developed and implemented a computer vision analysis system to track aircraft and bungee displacement. This system increased both the test efficiency and accuracy, which was integral to the L&E team's ability to certify heavy payloads for the recovery system.

In addition, I also designed a custom cooling nozzle for ScanEagle that was SLS printed while I was there and is in the process of having dies created for mass production.