Jack Moldave


Formlabs is a 3d printing company that specializes in making desktop stereolithography printers. They are best known for the Form 1 and the Form 2 and are one of the leaders in the 3d printing world. 

During my three years at Formlabs I mainly focused on new product development. Check out the Form 3 which has just been released!

Here is one of the projects that I worked on during the first months that I was at Formlabs that have been released and shipped to customers.


One of my first tasks at Formlabs was to enhance the removal process of parts from the build platform. The prior removal tabs often broke on a first attempt, leaving the user frustrated and the part stuck on the build platform. My job was to make that better. 


My solution was to add a chamfer on the outside of the raft so that many different tools could be used to remove parts. I also added a "quick release tab" that worked especially well with the included flush trimmers that shipped with the Form 2 finishing kit.

The figure on the right illustrates the changes that I made, as well as instructions on how to best remove parts. Further information can be found here: https://formlabs.com/support/finishing/basic-finishing-steps/


Customers love the new rafts! Here is a screenshot of the forum post where people responded to the new change. 


My second major project at Formlabs was to re-tune supports to make them easier to remove, and less likely to damage the part. Through various parameter tweaking, I was able to

  • Reduce resin usage and make removal significantly easier

  • Reduce the radius of the pillars, while increasing the overall stiffness of the system through intelligent trussing.

  • Pillars taper along their whole length for increased sturdiness and ease of removal