Jack Moldave

During my senior year of high school as a final project, my friend and I converted a previously nonfunctional gas car to a completely functioning electric vehicle. 

Acquiring the vehicle

My friend and I found an old BMW 330xi with a blown head gasket on craigslist for super cheap. A perfect EV donor car!  We took it home and got to work building a shelter for it (to protect our workspace from the lovely Boston weather).


Engine Removal

Removing the old ICE components. Always harder than expected. Thanks BMW.

EV Clutch Conversion

Electric cars do not need a clutch because they don't stall at 0 RPM. We took out the old clutch and put on our coupler plate that we ordered from evamerica.com

Installing the electric motor

Electrical Components

Installing all the electronics to make this thing go.

First bench test!


Electric Scooter

In addition to the BMW, I also converted an old Honda Aero scooter to completely electric during my junior and senior year as well. Take a look at this baby!