Jack Moldave

Project 1: Paper Holder

The design goal was to create a paper holder that firmly grips at least 3 sheets of standard printer paper and can be easily stuck to a magnetic board. Additionally, the holder will be made from no larger than a 6” x 12” acrylic sheet OR 24” of acrylic rod. It must also be strong enough to withstand 3 seconds of disturbance from a standard hair dryer set on low, but a user removing the paper from the product’s grasp should not move the product.


Project 2: Coffee Cup Holder

The goal of project 2 was to design a coffee holder for a snappy artisan T-shirt company. The constraints for the projects are:

Aesthetic Pleasure: Your employers are artists. They want cup-grippers as snazzy as their Doctor Who beach tanks.

Environmental Concern: Your employers also love the Earth, and want to waste as little material as possible. Minimize the total material used in your fabrication process, including both prototypes and the final product. 

Form: For whatever inexplicable, hippie reasons, your employers require that your final product be made of one piece of acrylic. No assembly required.

Additional Projects